Blogger V-Card Lost

After much pressure and pestering from my sister, i have decided to use my creative writing abilities to create a blog. I tend to be a very vocal person and i am constantly updating on facebook and twitter. My sister came to me and said, “Instead of voicing your opinion about everything on facebook, why don’t you create a blog?” I thought about it for a while and wondered what i would write about. I didn’t think i had enough to say to create a blog.

More time passed and my sister kept bringing it up to me. It took some warming up to the idea but finally i caved, hence my new blog WordsByDani.

I will warn all yee followers now that this blog will consist of the most random stories and rants. I plan to write and give advise about the people and events in my life as well as my interests, opinions, adventures and many many mistakes. I promise you though, my stories will never be a bore and there is normally something that you can take from it, whether it be a life or love lesson, a recipe, or just enlightening words of encouragement.

I love and encourage feedback so please feel free to comment or write to me.

I look forward to this new blogging adventure and I hope that through my writing that i may entertain, help, inspire, or encourage people.


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