Local Wilmington band, Rio Bravo

Hello Readers!

(Totally just spilled my juice all over the table! Saved the computer though! Whew!)

For those of you who do not know, i am from Wilmington, North Carolina. Wilmington is a beautiful college beach town with lots of art, music and culture.

I really love listening and discovering local music/bands/artists. I believe it is important to support and get involved in your community. Recently, i have discovered this band named Rio Bravo. Yes, that is the name of an old Western movie ha-ha. Not quite sure why the boys decided on that name as their band title but it works for them. The band consists of four boys in their early-mid twenties. Micah- is the vocalist, Bryan- Guitar, Ed-Bass, and Christian- Drummer.

I enjoy all genres of music but Indie/rock/acoustic really does it for me. These boys scream Indie/Rock. They have the whole Hippy-Chic or “Hipster” style goin’ on which really suits them well.

I first met the group while at church because all four of them are members of the praise band at Port City Community Church. They are characters! From what i have witnessed they are quite the goofballs and i love it! They always bring a lot of energy and passion to the stage. The new Ep they recently released called Unbelievable Lie is intriguing. Interested lyrics and compelling vocals from Micah and an overall neat sound.

Not only are the guys funny and entertaining but they are also compassionate. The drummer, Christian and his sister Carmin created a clothing line called HALF UNITED ( http://www.halfunited.com ) which gives HALF of their profit towards feeding hungry children all over the globe. The company has some creative ideas and cute clothes and accessories.Image

A way to shop and NOT feel guilty afterwards Ha-ha! I love seeing people give back and try to make a difference in this world. It is inspiring to see young people working together in any sort of charity. I love that Rio Bravo promotes that.

I see a long future ahead of these boys. They have the look, the sound, and the heart of true musicians and i can’t wait to see their journey. Go ahead and check them out and see for yourselves.




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